Your property’s equity, your rights to privacy
and your freedom of choice is in DANGER.

Please Vote “NO”

On Restating CC&Rs & Bylaws

You should have received an email from HOA Organizers threatening a costly continuation and possible legal fees associated with having to petition a court to adopt a revised set of condo bylaws for lack of quorum.

This means they need more of us to vote YES or NO to meet the minimum required votes to totally change our rules. The email seems to be insinuating that if they don’t get enough votes in total, they will attempt to force their new rules and restrictions on us with the help of a law firm and bill us for the legal fees. HOA Organizers and the board only require 53 votes in favor of this overly restrictive and heavily conditioned set of Rules to pass.

We need as many “NO” votes as possible to ensure a HARD STOP to this resale value and privacy KILLER!

We have keep this very brief to give you a hint of what you would be getting into with a “YES” vote. They are proposing 20 articles. Each article has a multitude of subsections (aka more rules) spanning across 60+ pages. We will be breaking each of the articles down in the days to come.


We DON’T NEED HOA Organizers bullying or threatening us regardless of how or if we decide to vote on this downgrade of our rights.

We DON’T NEED to make it unbelievably simple for them to hit us with assessment fees or raise our already high association fees.
Please read all of article 13, 3.6 Too many more examples of this throughout the proposed document to list.

 We DON’T NEED to be forced into paying for more insurance on our personal property than WE feel is necessary.
Please read articles 3.9 & 15.2

We DON’T NEED unrealistic rental restrictions that kill our resale value and destroy our ability to refinance our mortgages due to equity loss.
Please read articles 7.10, 8.1, 8.3

We DON’T NEED rental caps that could strip us of our right to rent our unit for years, especially during these uncertain times.
Please read article 8.4 B

 We DON’T NEED to pay a committee of non-professionals for their subjective opinion on our interior remodeling ideas. We already have a city/county permitting office to regulate design safety. 
Please read article 5.9

We DON’T NEED to make it any easier for them to enter our units with or without our permission or force us to vacate our units.
Please read articles 3.11 & all of 12

We DO NEED to replace HOA Organizers with a property management company that will help us lower our expenses while improving our building’s condition. Cost-effective property management does exist…

We DO NEED to lower our outrageous HOA fees.

We DO NEED TO VOTE. A non-vote is now a “YES” vote…


Here are just few of the many points to look out for:

Article 3.6 – Owners with fireplaces must cooperate (and pay for) random cleaning projects. This article also requires repair, replacement, or removal of your firebox regardless of whether it’s being used. This vague article can entitle the association to make costly repairs & charge you at will via a monthly assessment. Owners should have the right to not use a fireplace without penalties.

Article 3.9 and 15.2- Obligation to carry personal property/renters insurance (for the interior of your unit) Having insurance is a great idea, of course. Mandating coverage of your personal property violates your right to choose what’s best for your situation.

Article 5.9 – Review fees for remodeling the interior of your unit. The city already has strict safety codes, guidelines, ordinances that must be followed. You should not have to pay a non-professional committee for an unlicensed approval on anything inside your unit. Article 5.6 gives the board the right to hire their own professional to consult with them about YOUR interior remodeling goals at YOUR expense. This fee is in addition to your architect’s cost, your approved city permit, and any other fees the board’s architectural committee feels necessary.

7.10 – Occupancy Restriction. The maximum number of persons who may reside in any unit is (2) two persons per bedroom and one person for the unit. Family planning via condo association! (This one even offends my Spanish culture and heritage.)

Article 8.1 – Residency Requirement (This hurts your resale value.) Article 8.1 restricts a buyer of your property from renting the unit for an entire year! This restriction eliminates many investors from your buyer pool & can reduce your unit’s value by 25%.

Article 8.3 – Six-month minimum lease agreements. This one comes with an additional restriction on re-leasing your unit if your tenant moves before the end of the six months. Even with a security deposit and one-month rent in advance, article 8.3 could cut off your income for up to four months. The standard is 30 days to avoid AirBNB type rentals. One hundred sixty days is stepping on our right to profit from our investment.

Article 8.4 B – Rental Cap (This increases foreclosures & kills resale value.) Article 8.4 restricts rentals of units in the entire development to only 30% as if the “Residency Requirement” won’t impact your resale value enough. This article could very easily violate your right to rent your unit for 3 to 5+ years based on how many are on the waiting list. Rental restrictions can help hold property value in lower-income developments; however, tenant restrictions based on credit scores have proven to be better without infringing on property owner’s rights.

A few other articles of interest are: (8.12 assignment of rents to the association) (8.6 Limits how many units we can own) (10.2 & 10.3 vehicle restrictions) (11.6 crippling our right to litigate) (3.11 & 12 Right of entry to your unit) (12.7 association can require owners to vacate their unit) All of 13 creates new assessments that can be added to our already high association fees… There are way many more absurd articles that we will expand on.

We fully understand the inconvenience of voting. We are here to help STOP THIS NOW!